Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So long...farewell...auf weidersehen goodbye...

I hate to go and leave this pretty sight... goodbye home sweet home.
On to my big adventure! Tomorrow afternoon I fly out of JFK directly to Johannesburg. It's a LONG flight something like 18hrs plus a time change (but I plenty of reading material thanks to my book club who has graciously picked the next few books so I can participate from a distance.) Friday morning we fly to Zambia and then finish the journey to Namibia via van. We should arrive around dinnertime on Friday.
Hopefully I can post when I arrive to let you all know I got their safely!!
Thanks for all your notes! Missing you already... JB


Anonymous said...

i miss you already, too! i am SO excited for you. give isaac, maria, and everyone else a big hug for me.

i'm sorry i never called you...it's difficult being on the other side of the world. now you are a bit closer to me! yay!

good luck and God bless,


Melodee said...

i think you have finally arrived!
at least it's almost dinnertime Friday here
i walked in your office the other day....it was sad...i miss you!
but i KNOW you're going to just love these next couple months! enjoy the warm weather!

Lynn said...

Hi Jess- miss you and know you're obeying His prompts. Can't wait to see new pics of you hugging those beautiful children. Jackie isn't behaving these days (-; Hugs galore- hope you're not trying to scurry up any tears 'cause I think you more than doubled your share back home ((-; LULAD- Lynn

Lynn said...

Hi Jess...have to get used to blogging. Mine didn't go through. Will try again.