Monday, March 30, 2009

TV Broke

When I was a little girl, we lived without most of American life’s modern conveniences such as electricity and flushing toilets. Maybe that is what is equipping me to once again live without these things now in Elton’s village. We did have an old, small, late 70s-style TV that worked off of a car battery. Quite often the battery would die in the middle of my favorite TV show, the Muppet show, and I would say, “TV broke.” One of my dad’s favorite stories was how I went into the Key Bank and told the teller, “TV broke.” Now it is a staple phrase in the Breitenbach household when life throws you one of those curves that is kind of a bummer.

Once again I find myself saying, “TV broke” today as I found that the motherboard of my laptop got fried last night. I was busy doing updates and backing up files before we leave on tomorrow. It made some weird tweet as its last dying breath. Very inopportune timing seeing as it takes 2 weeks to get it fixed. Fortunately I have an extended service contract that will fix it for free.

For those of you that I promised I’d try really hard this time to communicate more often, well…. I got bad news for you. I think I’m going to fail miserably without my trusty mode of communication. Pray I can find an awesome new cellphone with email capabilities to hold me over.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Here Comes the Flood: A Major Prayer Request

Monday Elton and I fly back to Namibia to encounter some very chaotic conditions. We've recently been notified that the children at COZV where we work had to be evacuated due to the Zambezi flooding its banks. Much of the compound seems to be under a foot or two of water already (see pic below of our Vice-principal knee deep in water). It's apparently the worst flooding in 100 years and it's not over yet. The peak isn't expected to hit until mid-April. The Children's home is 4km off the main road and that road is already washed out. They are doing all their transportation by boat. They moved the children and our horses to a nearby lodge and our goats to a nearby village. Now with the compound empty, it is at great, great risk for thieves to take advantage.

Also heavy on my mind is that my awesome Nissan truck wasn't able to be moved. It seems to be having some sort of electrical malfunction and it wouldn't start the day they were moving vehicles out before the road washed out. When they opened the hood to find out why it wasn't working, they found two cobras inside. So, currently it is on high ground along with our Quantum mini-bus which also couldn't be moved. Please pray it stays that way and is no longer snake-infested.

We all need your prayers, not only for Elton and I as we return, but for the children, the Minks, the staff and anyone living along the Zambezi. Not only are the flood waters dangerous, but with the flood waters come crocodiles and right behind them are the snakes who are looking for a dry home. Also the children will be in unfamiliar surroundings with little to keep them occupied.

We need your prayers:
  • for safety from the water and it's predators
  • for my truck and the quantum not to be washed away in the flood
  • for the thieves to be blind to our compound
  • for patience to wait out these uncertain conditions

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Today I Married My Best Friend

Our Ceremony

The Gathering

The Prelude: Love at Home, Ngweze Youth Band
The Wedding Procession
The Call to Celebrate

The Declaration of Intention and Presentation

The Declaration of the Bride and Groom
The Presentation The Charge to Family and Friends
The Charge to Bride and Groom
Prayer of Praise

Proclamation and Response

Scripture Readings: Genesis 2:18-24, Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 , I Corinthians 13
Song of Praise: Breathe
The Sermon
Intercessory Prayer

The Marriage

The Exchange of Vows
Elton's Vows in Lozi:
Mwa libizo lamuelna Jessica kacenu nakunga kuba musalaka kuya kwa pili

Mokunde-nimokumaswe Mwa kupila hande – ni mwa manyando
Mwa matuku – nimwa maketeNikakulata nikuku swalisa konji lifu kuluka-uhanya
The Blessing and Exchange of Rings
Jessica Nikufa lisake Le kuba sisupo sabuitamo, kapilu yaka kaufeela, nikasenina nisona, nilikute ingeli mwa libizo landate la mwana ni la moya okenile.
Lighting of the Wedding Candle: When I Say I Do, Matthew West

The Declaration of Marriage
The Blessing of the Marriage
Pastoral Prayer
The Lord’s Prayer Unison

The Sending Forth

The Wedding Kiss
The Benediction
The Presentation of the Couple
The Wedding Recession: Culture Spears

Wedding Participants

Parents of the Bride: Joseph & Ruth Breitenbach
Parents of the Groom: Brian "Candy" Mubuyaeta* & The late Julian Harris
Grandparents of the Bride: Edward & the late Mildred Breitenbach/Frank & the late Sophia Moscinski
Maid of Honor: Danielle Breitenbach, sister of the Bride
Bridesmaids: Tina Wilcox, friend of the Bride & Groom

Sara Kent, friend of the Bride
Mwenda Sophie-Lee Mubuyaeta, sister of the Groom*
Flower Girl: Morgan Moscinski, cousin of the Bride
Best Men: Situmbeko Hustings Sitale* & Patrick Myers, friend of the Groom
Groomsmen: Gerard Moscinski, uncle of the Bride & Jonathan Moran, friend of the Bride & Groom
Minister: Rev. Douglas R. Cullum, friend of the Bride
* in absentia

Something old: grandmother’s watch
Something new: wedding clothes
Something borrowed: grandmother’s necklace & earrings
Something blue: my engagement ring

A Big THANK YOU…. First and foremost we thank God for His love and guidance that brought us together. To my parents for putting a roof over our heads, food in our tummies and love in our hearts. To Danielle for making many fashionable additions to our wedding clothes. To Carrie for making our lovely invitations in a snap. To Bekah for our awesome cake. To Tom, Becca and Travis for their visual documentation of our special day. To my beloved packhorse, Lindy, for his techie genius. To Angie for standing by me as my faithful communications director. To Christy for her speedy design of our spiffy programs. To Melissa for her tireless help. To Tina for giving Jessica a kick in the pants. To Papa Gary & Mamma Rebecca for helping Elton get his travel documents and for being our African parents. To Dr. & Mrs. Loffredo for their compassion and help with Elton’s dentistry needs. To Diana at Bella Fleur for her words of wisdom and beautiful flowers. To the Schenectady SDA Church for welcoming us. To our many donors that make our ministry possible. To the kids of Children of Zion Village that make our lives an adventure. And to the many others that pitched in to make this day so special! We are richly blessed by the many people on two continents that are part of our lives!

To see more pictures:

If you would like to read about the day from my friend's perspective, she's written two blog posts. Thanks Marsha!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our Wedding Invitation

God has led two lives
to take one path.
Before us lies the open road . . .
a future filled with adventure and love.

Please join us as we
Jessica Reissa Breitenbach and M. Elton Mubuyaeta
join our lives in marriage

on Saturday, the 14th of March 2009 at NOON
in the Camp Pinnacle Chapel
Voorheesville, NY
Food and Merriment to immediately follow!