Monday, March 30, 2009

TV Broke

When I was a little girl, we lived without most of American life’s modern conveniences such as electricity and flushing toilets. Maybe that is what is equipping me to once again live without these things now in Elton’s village. We did have an old, small, late 70s-style TV that worked off of a car battery. Quite often the battery would die in the middle of my favorite TV show, the Muppet show, and I would say, “TV broke.” One of my dad’s favorite stories was how I went into the Key Bank and told the teller, “TV broke.” Now it is a staple phrase in the Breitenbach household when life throws you one of those curves that is kind of a bummer.

Once again I find myself saying, “TV broke” today as I found that the motherboard of my laptop got fried last night. I was busy doing updates and backing up files before we leave on tomorrow. It made some weird tweet as its last dying breath. Very inopportune timing seeing as it takes 2 weeks to get it fixed. Fortunately I have an extended service contract that will fix it for free.

For those of you that I promised I’d try really hard this time to communicate more often, well…. I got bad news for you. I think I’m going to fail miserably without my trusty mode of communication. Pray I can find an awesome new cellphone with email capabilities to hold me over.

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Jennifer said...

Hi Jessica - How are things going? Jennifer Becker