Thursday, March 26, 2009

Here Comes the Flood: A Major Prayer Request

Monday Elton and I fly back to Namibia to encounter some very chaotic conditions. We've recently been notified that the children at COZV where we work had to be evacuated due to the Zambezi flooding its banks. Much of the compound seems to be under a foot or two of water already (see pic below of our Vice-principal knee deep in water). It's apparently the worst flooding in 100 years and it's not over yet. The peak isn't expected to hit until mid-April. The Children's home is 4km off the main road and that road is already washed out. They are doing all their transportation by boat. They moved the children and our horses to a nearby lodge and our goats to a nearby village. Now with the compound empty, it is at great, great risk for thieves to take advantage.

Also heavy on my mind is that my awesome Nissan truck wasn't able to be moved. It seems to be having some sort of electrical malfunction and it wouldn't start the day they were moving vehicles out before the road washed out. When they opened the hood to find out why it wasn't working, they found two cobras inside. So, currently it is on high ground along with our Quantum mini-bus which also couldn't be moved. Please pray it stays that way and is no longer snake-infested.

We all need your prayers, not only for Elton and I as we return, but for the children, the Minks, the staff and anyone living along the Zambezi. Not only are the flood waters dangerous, but with the flood waters come crocodiles and right behind them are the snakes who are looking for a dry home. Also the children will be in unfamiliar surroundings with little to keep them occupied.

We need your prayers:
  • for safety from the water and it's predators
  • for my truck and the quantum not to be washed away in the flood
  • for the thieves to be blind to our compound
  • for patience to wait out these uncertain conditions

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Dannhardt said...

Jessica and Elton!

Congratulations and best wishes from extended family in Virginia!!
Mike, Mimi, Alexandria and Dana Dannhardt wish you both a long and very happy life together.