Sunday, November 16, 2008

One of the good days

The past few weeks have been filled with a lot of new experiences. After 31 years of eluding cupid’s arrow, I’ve been struck hard. I used to be one of those level-headed, grounded kinds of girls and in a short span I’ve become one of those ridiculous twitterpatted girls I’ve always despised. I suppose that’s what falling in love is really all about.
Our relationship has been forming slowly over time. We’ve been friends nearly the entire time I’ve been here and yet I never saw this coming. Without my dear friend Tina’s honest advice, I may have never given him a chance. I had a gradual shift in my perspective, but being the rational over-thinker I am I was terrified to make that leap from friend to something more. I timidly stuck my toe in the water, found it quite refreshing and jumped in whole-heartedly. The more I have gotten to know him, the more I am surprised to find out who he really is and what a blessing he is to me.

I’ve found acceptance… into his life, into a village, into a family. Drastically different from my own not only in skin tone, but in culture, and yet it’s oddly begun to feel like home. “Peoples is peoples.” I’ve come to realize people are the same quirky creations of God everywhere and that is so comforting. To these people I have become sister, niece, cousin, auntie in the blink of an eye with all the rights and privileges there entailed.

Only God knows what the future holds but I can tell you this… I am one blessed girl to have this man in my life and I look forward with eager anticipation to how this story plays out.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

One Year

Today is my one year anniversary of living in Namibia. I have nothing overly profound to say but I would be remiss to let a milestone like this pass by.

A year is enough time to become comfortable, even somewhat familiar with a new surrounding. The road is long and the journey bumpy that brought me to this point of finding happiness in this calling and a new life. I am certainly a different person than one year ago and maybe even a few weeks ago. I sometimes used to feel fragmented like the various parts of me didn’t fit into one person. All of a sudden I feel like all the parts of my life are converging into a whole, happy person. I feel oddly peaceful, content, unflappable at the present moment. God has put me together for such a time as this… to live among these people in this foreign land. For so many years I was discontent and searching for how to be used by God. I can look back down that road and see how his hand was guiding me, preparing me for this unique situation. Challenges will arise again, it is inevitable here. But I pray I can hold onto this peace and HIS grace to get me through.