Friday, April 18, 2008

the proper side

I didn't think driving on the left hand size of the road had become so ingrained. When driving in Namibia, I still usually have to concentrate to stay on the left side. Apparently I've gotten more used to it then I thought. Driving around Crossgates Mall the other day I made a little boo-boo. As I was turning right I pulled into the left lane instead of the right. Whoops! Fortunately nothing was coming and I quickly corrected myself. But if I were you, I'd avoid all the little ruby red Nissans on the road around the Albany area for a few weeks.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

second star to the right and straight on til morning

phew...I'm finally home. After 18 hrs on one plane sitting in a seat where my feet really didn't touch the floor (the plight of a short person in a tall person's world) I seriously thought maybe I'd never make it. I left Livingstone around 2pm on Thursday. Then made a switch in Johannesburg. Finally my plane landed at JFK at 7am Friday morning. Fortunately I breezed through customs and both my bags arrived (though a bit worse for the wear... some of my nice african souvenirs got smashed.) I even got to spend some time with Danielle in NYC before my dad picked me up to head home.

I've only been home one day and I've already been to starbucks, been shopping at the mall and slept for about 12 hrs straight. Seeing that I'm only home for six weeks I have no time to waste.

Looking forward to catching up with you call. Feel free to email or call my cell.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hey, remember me??

I've been in Namibia for over 5 months now. Sometimes it seems just like yesterday that I got here. I'm loving it! Despite some occasional homesickness, especially around the holidays, the time is FLYING by. Speaking of coming home, I guess it's time to break the news that I'll only be home for about 6 weeks and then I'll be returning here. But the good news is I'll be home in 1 week! I've changed my tickets to leave here a little early so I could be home for a little bit longer.

Now I know for most of you my plan to return here isn't a shock but it has taken a bit of internal struggle to say I'm returning indefinately. At this point, I'm not putting an end date on my commitment. When we told the kids I'd be returning, one of the boys asked me if I was staying forever. Ha! I got a kick out of that… I was unsure if he was trying to get rid of me or if he really wanted me to stay. Turns out he was hoping for the latter… who knew he cared?! Anyway, it made me feel pretty good that the general consensus is in favor of me staying. Recently an American visitor told me he thought I seemed really at home here. It was a really nice compliment! Honestly, I could see myself staying forever if I could transport my family and friends here. The biggest struggle is being away from all of you there especially my family. But for whatever reason God has me here for this season of my life and I've found peace here.

So at this point my two main prayer requests are this: 1) that the paperwork for my extended work visa goes through quickly, 2) God continues to provide the funds I need. I really dislike fundraising, but it is a necessary evil to continue this work. He SO richly blessed me for these 6 months through many of you. Please pray with me that he again provides financial resources for the future. If you know of any churches or groups that would be interested in having me speak about this work here while I'm home please let me know.

Can't wait to see you all!! (If you are in Rochester, I'm planning on coming out for the Lilac Fest with my dad.)