Saturday, April 12, 2008

second star to the right and straight on til morning

phew...I'm finally home. After 18 hrs on one plane sitting in a seat where my feet really didn't touch the floor (the plight of a short person in a tall person's world) I seriously thought maybe I'd never make it. I left Livingstone around 2pm on Thursday. Then made a switch in Johannesburg. Finally my plane landed at JFK at 7am Friday morning. Fortunately I breezed through customs and both my bags arrived (though a bit worse for the wear... some of my nice african souvenirs got smashed.) I even got to spend some time with Danielle in NYC before my dad picked me up to head home.

I've only been home one day and I've already been to starbucks, been shopping at the mall and slept for about 12 hrs straight. Seeing that I'm only home for six weeks I have no time to waste.

Looking forward to catching up with you call. Feel free to email or call my cell.

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