Sunday, November 2, 2008

One Year

Today is my one year anniversary of living in Namibia. I have nothing overly profound to say but I would be remiss to let a milestone like this pass by.

A year is enough time to become comfortable, even somewhat familiar with a new surrounding. The road is long and the journey bumpy that brought me to this point of finding happiness in this calling and a new life. I am certainly a different person than one year ago and maybe even a few weeks ago. I sometimes used to feel fragmented like the various parts of me didn’t fit into one person. All of a sudden I feel like all the parts of my life are converging into a whole, happy person. I feel oddly peaceful, content, unflappable at the present moment. God has put me together for such a time as this… to live among these people in this foreign land. For so many years I was discontent and searching for how to be used by God. I can look back down that road and see how his hand was guiding me, preparing me for this unique situation. Challenges will arise again, it is inevitable here. But I pray I can hold onto this peace and HIS grace to get me through.

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Anonymous said...

Jess, praise God for the journey he has unfolded for you. Embrace it! Thank you for the blessing.