Friday, August 21, 2009

The Last Few Months

It’s hard to even summarize my life over the last few months since my last blog when we left America but I’ll give it a shot...

- When we arrived back we found the children living at a nearby lodge due to the flood. We travelled to and from town, the lodge and the COZV compound via boat. We lived at Elton’s village for a few weeks, but due to lack of transportation we moved back to the COZV compound and we are now living in the bungalow.
- My truck was very badly damage by water while we were in the USA. Not from the flood, but from the heavy rains. It started with the computer box and has ended with the fuel injectors. Every time they fix one thing they find something else broken. Fortunately the insurance is covering most of it, but due to the nature of the damage, it had to be shipped to the capital Windhoek and most of the parts had to be ordered from Japan. We are STILL waiting, but we are hoping to have it back next week. It’s been now almost 8 months since the last time I drove it.
- By the end of April we all had moved back to the compound but had a lot of clean up work to do some of which is still going on.

May, June, July:
- These months are just a blur of our normal chaotic routine including lots of mission teams from America and two separate road trips to Windhoek and Cape Town. Word to the wise: NEVER NEVER NEVER try to drive from Katima to Cape Town... the road is just toooooo long. Cape Town is a beautiful city, but it was not an enjoyable trip since I was completely heartbroken to be away from my sweetie for two weeks. (For any of you that were sceptical if I really had been bitten by the love bug, let me assure you, I have.)
- Every time I go into town I meet family I never knew I had. Elton has a HUGE extended family. I am very blessed but also praying for a special anointing from God to be able to remember all their names and how I’m related to them.
- I’ve been struggling with some immigration issues, but fortunately I have finally turned in my application for domicile which will allow me to stay freely.
- In July, Elton got to celebrate his birthday with the kids (pic above)
- Another month of chaos as usual
- Our primary missionaries have retired back the USA. More details to follow....
- We had our African wedding ceremony. Wow, what an experience. Don’t worry! There are pictures and a lot more details to follow...
- Unfortunately last week I had my first experience at an African funeral. Even though I never met this woman, I was very moved. Mubuku passed rather suddenly after a short illness at the age of 27 leaving behind two daughters. We started the morning by driving into town to wait at the mortuary to pick up the coffin. We followed in a procession of cars to the gravesite, not far from COZV. As we drove everyone was singing quietly. When we arrived at the gravesite, the pallbearers placed the coffin on a table under a makeshift tent. We had a short service of singing, a sermon and a reading of her life story. They opened the coffin for everyone to be able to say their goodbyes. It was gut-wrenching to watch her family, especially her sisters, walk past the coffin. They placed the coffin in the grave already dug and very meticulously covered it with sand and flowers. The service was closed with more prayers and singing. It was a very difficult experience, one I will never forget. May God bring them peace as they grieve.
Looking ahead to September:
- I’m turning 32... when did I get so old?!
- Looking forward to the arrival of our temporary directors for six months
- Elton and I will be beginning to plan for our future job of working at the transitional home at COZV. More details to follow...
- Doing the very necessary job of fundraising if I want to continue to be a missionary. Hint, Hint... More details to follow...
- Hopefully getting back on track of communicating more regularly but no promises ;-)

Thank you for your prayers, emails and love despite my lack of communication!


MGBR said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you for the update!!! Much love and many prayers for clarity, peace and 'very necessary' cash!!!

Dustin said...

Hey Jess, thanks for the update. I'll continue to pray for and and Elton. On my end, I bought a house...yes I'm growing up:)


Anonymous said...

So happy to hear an update from you! Obviously we all knew that there was a lot going on, but boy there really was a lot going on!! You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Miss you tons, but glad to know even through all the chaos you are doing well. Love you! Say hello to Elton. Mary