Wednesday, January 23, 2008


On January 14th, a group of 10 of us left for Windhoek, the capital, for a week-long whirlwind of various appointments and errands. I went mostly to assist with driving and childcare, but also to get away for a few days.
It’s quite the long drive through some interesting countryside before you arrive in a fairly modern city. We met some infamous African wildlife on the road (see above) but I’m happy to report that we had many traveling mercies. Along the road at various points we saw 2 elephants, a family of ostrich, many warthogs, guinea fowl, baboons, dik dik, roan antelope, gemsbok and a variety of other unidentifiable antelope (there seems like a zillion varieties here).
We got to eat at some interesting places including KFC but my favorite was Joe’s Beerhouse ( I got an impressive African shish kebob which included six different kinds of game meat: ostrich, kudu, crocodile, zebra, oryx and (for the less adventuresome eater) chicken. All of it was quite tasty except the crocodile was a bit rubbery and a tad bit too fishy tasting for my liking but at least now I can say I’ve tried it. I was also on a mission to get my fill of the closest thing I could find to Starbucks iced mochas. Mission accomplished!!
Though it was hectic, it was a blessing to get a way for a few days. But honestly the best part was coming “home.” We arrived back after dinner on the 21st. I went into the children’s home to find the usual post-dinner atmosphere… nicely showered and pajama-clad children getting their last minutes of fun before bedtime. One of my favorite toddlers came charging down the hall like a linebacker yelling “Auntie Jessica” and nearly knocked me over when he jumped into my arms. Quite a feat for a toddler you might say… but he’s quite the bruiser. I call him Bam-bam (I kind of wonder if this was what Ken was like as a toddler.) Anyway, right behind him was one of my favorite little girls who also came running squealing with excitement only the way little girls can. I felt exceedingly loved and it was the perfect end to our trip.

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mom said...

I have heard alligator is hard to digest and rubbery. I am proud of you for tasting it. Sounds like a pretty nice day especially the welcome home part. Love Mom