Sunday, June 1, 2008

Many Thanks

It is long overdue for me to say, “THANK YOU” to everyone for the many blessings you bestowed on me while I was home. In the six short weeks I was home, I can’t believe how may people I was able to see… some old friendships renewed, some new friendships made. Many people caught the vision for the work I am doing and have blessed the children here and I tremendously. So a simple thanks seems so insignificant, but please know it is from my heart!

Ways to continue praying:

~ For my continued fundraising both for my yearly ministry funds as well as extra money to purchase a vehicle (more details to come…)
~ For the few people I have met over my travels that are considering volunteering at COZV
~ For continued safety and good health
~ For the children of Namibia, the children of COZV & Mafuta, and the approx.12,000 orphans in the Caprivi region where I live
~ For a cure for HIV/AIDS
~ Praise for God’s continued blessing and provision

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