Thursday, August 26, 2010

Photos still pending

As one of my dear friends has pointed out I haven't posted photos of the house yet. My apologies. Our internet is broken and of course since it is a two year old device no one has the disks to re-install it. So i only have what little internet access that my cellphone can provide.

but i will say we are enjoying being in the village despite the learning curve for me. One of the hardest things has been cooking on the fire. Today i discovered something that makes it all worth it. After my work is done i take advantage of the coals. Two words: coconut marshmellows.

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Becca said...

if by small chance you are looking for the disks to reinstall the blue/silver version of the hauwaii, i put those disks in a folder in the top drawer in the mission house of them may even be urs/tinas? not sure.