Sunday, December 23, 2007

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

Last Saturday we decorated the Children’s home for Christmas. It was so fun to watch the older kids put up the tree and then all the kids decorate it with their homemade ornaments. Sometimes they chose to decorate themselves first before the items made it on the tree. It’s finally starting to feel like the holiday season despite there being a lack of snow.

I’ve been a busy little elf helping to prepare Christmas cookies for a staff party we had on Friday as well as packaging presents for the kids and staff. We had a huge braai (barbecue) of goat, chicken, sausage, potato salad, three bean salad and misc. other items. We had about 30 staff and volunteers around a big table. We all ate until we were stuffed though I admit I didn’t try the barbequed goat much to the dismay of some of the children.

Since I probably won’t get to post again until after Christmas and Boxing Day… I hope you all have a blessed holiday with your families! Merry Christmas!!!


Matt & Angie Merrill said...

Merry Christmas! Love Matt & Angie

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences. The pictures of the children are a wonderful Christmas gift. We miss having you with us for christmas, but thru your eyes we are relearning what Christmas is all about. Love ya, Dad

Aunt Debbie said...


Merry Christmas! I thought of you a lot while I was peeling potatoes for Xmas eve dinner, because of the times when you made potato balls... We miss you, but know you are having a great and exciting time helping the children, learning and loving. We are all taking Grandpa out for lunch for his birthady tommorrow. He came over yesterday for several hours on Christmas while my mom and brother were here, and your family and Grandpa were here Christmas eve for dinner, too. Travis and Tuesday are both home. We have had snow and ice.
Aunt Debbie