Thursday, December 27, 2007

Spa Day

After all of this holiday stress, a few of us decided we needed some relaxation. Be thankful you only have to plan Christmas gifts for your family and friends. After helping to prepare meals and gifts for 55 COZV children, 23 COZV staff and their multitudinous children, 70+ Mafuta children and 9 Mafuta volunteers… I’m pretty much “elf-ed” out.

Now normally my idea of relaxation would a Decaf Iced Mocha from Starbucks, painting my toenails and watching a chick flick. I had to settle for a spa day with some of the girls. I know some of you would jump at this chance but being the not-so-touchy-feely kind of person, I was skeptical how relaxing this was going to be. It sounded more like torture than relaxation but they convinced me to give it a try. I was all for getting a pedicure… feet are fair game. If someone is willing to pick sand and goat doodie out from under my toenails, so be it. But they wouldn’t let me off so easy. After much coaxing, I settled for a facial and a neck/shoulder massage. BUT I also got my feet scrubbed and my toenails painted in Avon Chocolate Decadence. (OK, so I know some of you are rolling your eyes… this isn’t really the suffering for Jesus you thought was going on over here. Honestly I would have never expected there to be a spa in Katima either.) So now that I have a bright, shiny face and the cutest toes this side of the Zambezi, I can actually say it turned into a fairly relaxing daylong adventure after all.

PS Happy 80th Birthday Grandpa Ed!!!


KAR said...

Jessica, we love you and miss you here. You are a shining star to us all (plus you have the radiant face to go with:) God be with you on this journey, you are an inspiration. Keep on writing - we shall have to publish your memoirs after you get home. KAR

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Jess!!! I'm glad you had a chance to relax, and get the poo out from under your toe nails :) Happy New Year, you are in our thoughts and prayers - Dustin

Anonymous said...

ahh! your christmas was amazing! i love the last entry - reminds me of my students' english bloopers.

i miss you and hope you recover from the busy season. love you and happy new year!

Veronica said...

Jess!! I miss you sooooooo soooo much! :( Just found this from ur facebook, and i must say, sure sounds like you are living it up over there! :) I have lots of news to tell you. So do you have an email or something or an address i can mail to? let me know!! <3 -Veronica-