Friday, September 5, 2008

My very special birthday

The kids helped me celebrate my birthday COZV-style: cake! I even got blue icing! There is no way not to feel loved by having over 50 children singing "happy birthday." The least enjoyable thing was when they got to the "how-old-are-you-now" part of the song. I told them it wasn't polite to ask a woman her age.

My housemate Melissa and our new Auntie Carrie treated me to a big night out on the town. We visited Galinhas, a new cafe, but it closed at 7. Since I felt kind of pathetic going home at 7 on a Friday night and on my birthday we visited the Zambezi Lodge for dessert. Never can have too much cake for your birthday, right? So I had Malva pudding which was really good.

Happy 31st to me!!
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