Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nam-lish to English Translations

Nam-lish to English Translations

Nam-lish has a decided British-English flare to it, but has some of its own unique quirks. For the most part it has been easier to conform to the Nam-lish way of speaking to facilitate better communication with children and staff alike.

Nappie: diaper
Feeder: baby bottle
Torch: flashlight
Jix: bleach
Trainers: sneakers
Jersey: sweatshirt
Looking Smart: dressing nicely
Tablet: pill, medicine
SMS: text message
Trolley: shopping cart
Poly bag: plastic grocery bag
Till: cash register
Queue: getting in line
VAT: sales tax
Mince: ground beef
Tomato Sauce: ketchup
Cool Drink: soda
Coke Light: Diet coke
Sweeto: Kool-Aid
Ice block: bag of ice used for picnicking sold in cubes not actually a block
Keeper: Soccer goalie
Bakkie: pick-up truck
Robot: traffic light
Petrol: gasoline
Bonet: hood of the car, not a hat
Canopy: cap for pickup truck
Panel beating: auto body repair
Tar Road: Asphalt
Hooter: car horn
Puff: hair rubber band
Pass: urine or to urinate

Phrases that can get confusing:
No vacancies means no job openings not no rooms in the inn.
I’m coming means I’ll be right back not I’m already on my way.
Mama is a term of respect/endearment for a woman not literally someone’s mother.
Is it? means Really?
Meat is not a generic term for edible animal flesh, but types of edible animal are broken down into chicken, fish, and meat, meat primarily referring to beef, goat or game.
OK is the name of the grocery store, not an indication of agreement. This has caused more than one who’s-on-first scenario.
Achoo or acha is the sound of pain like ouch, not the sound of a sneeze.

And last but not least…
Toot your hooter means to beep your car horn. This is possibly my least favorite Nam-lish phrase.


Danielle said...

Toot your hooter!!! Oh man that one makes me laugh a lot. I miss you and love you!!!

Becca Mason said...

o my goodness, i miss nam-lish. I talked to Disco the day it just started coming out in some things, haha. one addition...what about "ooo, la, la" :-P i miss you!!!

Sara said...

Hey Jess, Do you toot your hooter a lot on your new bakkie? LOL

That phrase me me laugh out loud at a time when I wasn't much in the mood for laughing. Thanks for making me happy!

Love you my dear friend!