Sunday, June 6, 2010

African Snack Time

I love to eat and I'm not opposed to trying any kind of new fruit or vegetable. I'm often discovering my new favorite African fruit. (Meats and fish... COMPLETELY different story though I have enjoyed the occasional Ostrich, Zebra or Kudu steak which are all quite good.)

So today Elton came back from buying bush poles to build our new house. His cousin Blanco handed me some reddish sticks. I thought they were samples of what we were buying. They were rather short and looked rather weak to hold up a house, but what do I know about African construction, right? Never in a million years did I realize within minutes I'd be enjoying a lovely afternoon snack. Turns out it was sugar cane! You take off the hard the bark and chew on the inside sucking out the sweet juice. Then you spit out the cane. What a treat for the whole village, young and old alike. I highly recommend it!
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MGBR said...

Cool! Didn't Elton say he'd harvested that before?