Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Twelve hours

The clock is ticking.... 12 more hours from now the Mubuyaeta's will be on a plane back to Namibia.

If you only mode of communication with us is reading this blog, you're saying.... wait... back on a plane, I'd assumed you'd died sitting in the the queue at the maternity ward.. Yes, I probably would have still been rotting in the queue if I hadn't decided I had to come home to deliver. I'd had enough of morning sickness and the general, overall rough start to my pregnancy we've been in the USA since before Christmas. I'm happy to report we've had a lovely 6 month furlough in the states enjoying time with friends and family.

Life on April 17th has become a different sort of chaotic. Elton and I are used to the normal chaotic routine of almost 60 children at COZV, but its just not the same when its your own child. Let's just say I'm glad I was in the states to deliver because it didn't all go as planned. God blessed us with a wonderful midwife/doctor team and at 9:01am Quincy Naleli Mubuyaeta blessed us with her presence. She's already almost 7 weeks and showing us her personality. Tomorrow she'll begin the journey to meet her African family who are anxiously awaiting there turn to meet her.

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MGBR said...

Hooray, a post! Keeping you in my prayers...