Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Many comings and goings

We had a new volunteer named Melissa join us a few weeks ago. She’s from Arkansas so she has a pretty fun accent and plans to stay for a year. I’ll admit I was a little worried about what she’d be like but we really hit it off. She and I have joked a lot about how similar we are. Who knew God created two eccentric people with such similar quirks and then would decide to put them in Africa together! She even likes ALIAS and is allergic to almost all the same kinds of perfumey things that I am so I think I’ll keep her. What a relief. She has fit right into our family here and it’s hard to believe it’s only been a few short weeks she’s been here.
On a sad note, my AMAZING friend Nancy, that has been here since December went home two weeks ago. Nancy is one of the most genuine, encouraging and uplifting people I have ever met. Her friendship was such a blessing when I really needed to be cheered up. I was so very sad to see her leave and many times I have felt her absence. (Who will I go to town with to buy fried chicken or who will request El Shaddai at Bible Study, Nance?? )
When they were at the airport dropping Nancy off, they picked up a team of 8 people from PA/MD that were here for 2 weeks. It’s a blessing to have a few extra hands even if only for a little while. They were able to accomplish some tasks we just NEVER have time to get to. They also were able to join me at Mafuta one day and the kids really loved having visitors. They especially liked learning the hokey pokey and receiving sweets! At COZV, they blessed the kids with a campfire and s’mores (or SOME-mores as most of the kids called them). Thanks SO much for all your hard work and what a blessing you were to us!!

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Anonymous said...

awww....you're completely on the other side of the window now. you went from a short-term volunteer helping with odd-jobs to a host. i'm jealous!

i'm sorry you lost your friend, but glad you gained a new one...don't get too close and go replacing me!

i miss you and look forward to your entries (every few months or so...). please write more! and post pictures...they are so big now!

love you and miss you and am proud of you every single day.